New Idea One Row Corn Picker #323

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New Idea One Row Corn Picker #323
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New Idea one row corn picker.  Unit has not been used in a couple years and was stored inside.  It was pulled out in October to make sure it was not froze up and everything worked ok.  It was greased and put back in the barn.  It was pulled out again in January 2011 and has been out since. 




Unit is in operational condition.  Sold As-Is.  Seller will assist with load out.

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  • Payment in full is required within 3 days of the invoice date. A 2% late fee will be added for all payments received after that date.
  • Removal Deadline: 14 days after the invoice is generated. Unclaimed items beyond the removal deadline are subject to additional fees and forfeiture. Please refer to our website rules.
  • This Item is being sold AS IS WHERE IS. NO customs, export, or import assistance is available from our Company, the Seller, or the Storage Location. Our Company, Seller, and Storage Location expressly disclaim the appropriateness of this item to be exported from, or imported to, any country. Shipping, logistics, transportation, loading, customs, export, and import activities, and all associated costs, are the sole responsibility of the Winning Buyer.
  • This lot is subject to all auction terms and the AssetNation member agreement.
  • ALL bids made by bidders are contractually binding and the selected winning bidder is required to complete all transactions. Defaulting bidders will be assessed a Default Penalty, as set forth in the Standard Fee Schedule, and will be barred from bidding.
  • No adjustments will be made for ANY discrepancies.
  • Buyers that fail to remove 100% of items purchased, including any and all pieces/parts by the removal deadline will be considered in default. Dismantling of any kind, without express written permission from the location, is not permitted. Any items not removed will be disposed of. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a $50 per lot/per day storage fee, fines or additional costs to the buyer.
  • The winning bid for this listing is subject to seller approval. Upon closing there may be a delay of up to 2 business days before the Seller selects the winning bid. Please take this potential delay into consideration when placing a bid.
  • Payment By Wire Transfer
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PN39915-0001 - New Idea One Row Corn Picker #323

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